The Truth about Food Trucks

Running a Gourmet Food Truck

This unfortunately is a true representation of what most people think food trucks are all about.


A Voice for the Masses

Jacksonville Food Trucks

Jacksonville Food Trucks

Jacksonville Food Trucks (JFT) is an organization that helps promote and develop food trucks in Jacksonville.  Utilizing their abundant resources and a shared love of food, they have enabled food trucks to flourish in the North-east Florida area.

Services, Quality, and Sanitation”

These are the basic principles members of JFT follow and believe in.  They believe that food trucks can be beneficial to the Jacksonville landscape and strive to provide quality food and service to their patrons.  The owners give a voice to the food truck community at City Council Meetings and stand up for fair regulations.

Above all, the JFT gives a choice to the people of Jacksonville and lets them decide what they want.

Go out and try something new!

For a listing of food trucks that belong to the JFT click here.


Neptune Beach – New Legislation Allows for Food Trucks

The Neptune Beach city council recently approved legislation that would allow food trucks during private special events.  However, there remain a few caveats to this measure. First, the owner of the property must obtain written permission from the City Council.  Secondly, the operator of the food truck must provide proof of $1 Million in liability insurance.  In addition, they must also provide proof of a passed Duval County Health Department inspection (dated with the previous 6 months) and have acquired a city operating permit, which costs $65.

Providing the required insurance, inspection, and permit does not guarantee the food truck will be allowed.  As approved, the ordinance defines a special event as an occasional or periodic gathering hosted, sponsored or authorized by a property owner. The city manager will consider the frequency and uniqueness of the proposed special event among the factors determining whether a food truck is allowed. The City Council is hammering out the specific details. Currently, the ordinance does not specify how many special events are allowed at one site.

The debate continues within City Council as to defining the number of events allowed per month at any particular site.  There remains disagreement between council members and the Mayor. The Mayor is suggesting two special events per month.  Other council members argue there should not be a limit.  A compromise has not been reached.

Lynda Padrta, a resident of Neptune Beach, likened limiting the number of private events to garage sales:

“We limit the number of garage sales that people can have every year for the reason that it is disruptive to the neighborhood. … I don’t think it’s unreasonable to limit the number of special events on one property.”

What are your thoughts?  Should a limit to the number of private events be limited?

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So You Want to Start a Food Truck

Have you ever wondered what it would take to start a food truck of your own?  Where do you begin? Aside from creating food people other than your immediate family members would eat, how much money would you need? What legal hoops would you jump through?  Like any new business you need a plan.  A minimum investment of $10,000 for a truck is a great place to start.  But then what?

Complete-Idiots-Guide-Food-TruckBefore you can even smoke your first pork shoulder, you require a business license.  If you desire a food truck in downtown Jacksonville you require a total of 10 different licenses.  You’ll need one license from the Federal Government.  This represents your EIN (or employer identification number).  You need this to file taxes on income.

Seven licenses from the State of Florida are required, including the Mobile Food Dispensing Vehicles (MFDV) Permit, followed by one license from Duval County and another from the City of Jacksonville.

You’ll need to obtain a separate license for each City and/or County you plan on operating in. You also have to submit a copy of your food truck plan exhibiting where the sink and food preparation areas are located. The MFDV permit fee averages $347.00 and the plan review fee equals $150.

Five hundred dollars sounds reasonable at first, but is only a drop in the bucket for the rest of the permit required. Set aside upwards of $1,000 on permits alone.  The City list of permits includes: Articles of Incorporation; Certificate of Use; and a Vendor Permit.  So now that you have all of your permits, what do you do now?

The next step is to discover a spot! Venture out in town and learn where food choices are lacking.  Possible late-night locations next to bars that are closing for starters. Your location can facilitate your menu.  Maybe you’ll find your nitch selling maple-bacon cupcakes to bar patrons at midnight.  Tap into the untapped.

3rd person present: permits
  1. give authorization or consent to (someone) to do something.
    “the law permits councils to monitor any factory emitting smoke”
    synonyms: allow, authorize, give someone permission, sanction, grant, give someone the right, license, empower, enable, entitle, qualify; give one’s blessing to, give the nod to;

    consent to, assent to,acquiesce in, agree to, tolerate, countenancelegalize, legitimate;
    informal – give the go-ahead to, give the thumbs up to, OK, give the OK to, give the green light to;
    formal – accede to;
    archaic – suffer;